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We believe that Allah has granted Pakistan with virtually everything that many other nations can only dream of. Today Pakistan stands at a point from where it can take off to unimaginable heights of glory and economic success. We have everything including a resilient and talented nation, natural resources, economically favorable strategic location and a respectable name in the Muslim world as well.

Living with Haji Abdul Razzak Yaqoob’s vision we continue to dream about a better Pakistan and put our efforts in that dream every day.

Our biggest effort so far to make Pakistan a great country starts with our campaign

This campaign will involve all the resources of ARY including our Channels, anchors, news bureaus, artists, websites, social media and above all the complete TEAM ARY will be with you to make a better Pakistan. We will not remain behind your screens but we will bring this campaign to the streets of Pakistan and it will be your campaign. Our objective is only and only to strive for a positive Pakistan.

It is time to make a change….So don’t miss the Opportunity!